Grooming Appointments 

Please use the QR code on the home page to register or create a new client form


- If you are a client and have not been in for grooming in the last 6 months you are considered a NEW client and can request to go on our waiting list. You can do this through our online portal(see our home page for QR code)

- If you have been a client in the past and have not been in for grooming in the last 6 months or longer you are considered a NEW client and can request to go on our waiting list. You can do this through our online portal(see our home page for QR code)

Please call the office if you have questions. We will update our page if this changes. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. 8/1/2023,8/24/2023


If you are in need of boarding or grooming please give us a call and fill out the corresponding request form on our homepage. You can now check out our new client portal  Click here Call us and we can send you a link, or you can open the link below and try to log in with your name.  Current customers if you have issues call the office and we can send you a link. New Customer please feel free to create a account we will receive a notification that a new customer approval is waiting.

We MUST have the following information before we will schedule your grooming request.

From your Veterinarian Office:

1) A veterinarian Signed Rabies certificate (DOG/CAT)

2) A Current Distemper Parvo Vaccine (DOG/CAT)

3) A Current Bordetella Vaccine(kennel cough) (DOG ONLY)

4) A negative fecal (must be recently done & current during your pets stay, we require a negative fecal every 6 months for boarding.) (DOG ONLY)

This will help us get your information and records in our system. Thank you 

Pets big and small we love them all here at Pet Haven!

Our Grooming Schedule fills up very quickly. ***Please Note There is an work in upcharge for any work in groom on a already filled day this charge starts at $20 and depends on what you are requesting done and your pets coat condition and deminer. We may not be able to get you in as a work in. Click here to fill out our Grooming Request Form


If you do not show up (no show), or cancel for a grooming you will be responsible for the grooming no show charge of $40.00 this will need to be paid at the time of the no show or before your next grooming appointment.  If you have 2 no show, cancelled appointments due to not current on vaccines, or any cancelled appointments within 6 months you will be required to prepay for all grooming appointment at time of scheduling, and you will be placed on a groom to groom schedule, and no reoccurring schedule will be made for 1 year. If you are placed on the groom to groom and pre-payment is required these payments are non- refundable. 

Reoccurring Appointments

Current Clients in good standing only: We can set up reoccurring appointment schedules. We will start to set up for the next years reoccurring appointments in mid September. This can be made to fit your time line between grooming's, for example you can schedule every 4 weeks, 6weeks, 12, weeks 3 months. We will do our best to stay as close as we can to the grooming frequency for reoccurring appointments. This will get difficult around holidays, vacations, and spring/winter breaks. 

If you miss one of your reoccurring appointments we will NOT adjust the remaining scheduled appointments. If we have openings we will TRY to get you in but this may not be possible and you may have to wait until your next scheduled groom time. YOU ARE responsible for the cancellation/no show fees if ample notice was not given (see cancellation policy). 

If you cancel 3 or more consecutive grooming appointments your remaining future reoccuring appointments will be cancelled and you will need to make single appointments for a year. After that we can set up future reoccuring appointments again.  We have had quite a few no shows and cancellations day before and day of appointment.  This is lost revenue for us and we are unable to fill these appointment in this short amount of time. Although we have had several current customers want to get in or need to add to their appointments, this is not possible if we do not get ample notice of cancellations.

We will email you the years list of appointments when they are scheduled. We do not call to remind you of your appointment, Sorry. The computer will send out an auto reminder 3-4 days before your appointment. Please do not count on the reminder as technology can fail. 

Price determination guidelines

Grooming prices are based on your pets breed,  size, coat condition, and how they act during the grooming process. We can give you a general price however this is subject to change. Pet Haven is not financially responsible for a caught quick or nicks or cuts during the grooming process. Nicks and cuts unfortunately can happen during the grooming process, however we strongly believe if your pet behaves and is not wiggly and their coat is in good condition this reduce or eliminates the possibility of your pet being nicked or cut during the grooming process.  We do our very best and allow extra time with wiggly, biting, matting and other issues that could cause a cut or nick to happen. If a nick or cut happens we apologize for any problems this may cause.  Please brush and keep your pet on a regular grooming schedule to help minimize this from happening.  

A general base line for grooming is as follows and can change at anytime without notice.

        Small Breed Grooming           starting at $55.00 and up 

        Medium Breed Grooming      starting at $68.00 and up 

        Large Breed Grooming           starting at $80.00 and up 

        Standard Poodles, Huskies, Malamutes, and any other Larger breed and double coated dogs please call the office and speak to us about costs. On some breeds of dogs it is hard to give an amount for a grooming over the phone or even in person. It does help us to see and get our hands on the dog and feel the coat condition, and discuss with you what type of cut you are wanting. 

Cat Grooming  

        We currently DO NOT groom cats. 

Attention Pet Owners

Please Read

Thank you for your understanding and letting us take care of your furry friends.