12/23/2022 Currently we are NOT taking new Grooming Clients. Currently our first opening is late Feb. Please call the office if you have questions. We will update our page if this changes. Sorry for any incovience this causes.

Our Grooming Schedule fills up very quickly please call soon and have your vet office send over all vaccination requirements. If your pet will be due for vaccinations in the next month I would recommend you make an appointment now and update vaccinations as we are at a 2 month wait for our first grooming appointment opening. And this wait may get longer going into summer. ***Please Note There is an work in upcharge for any work in groom on a already filled day this charge starts at $20 and depends on what you are wanting done and your pets coat condition and deminer.

If you do not show up (no show) for a grooming you will be responsible for the grooming no show charge of $37.00 this will need to be paid before your next grooming appointment. If you have 2 no show, or cancelled appointments within 6 months you will be required to prepay for all grooming appointment at time of scheduling.

Grooming prices are based on your pets breed, size, coat condition, and how they act during the grooming process. We can give you a general price however this is subject to change. Pet Haven is not financially responsible for a caught quick or nicks or cuts during the grooming process. Nicks and cuts unfortunately can happen during the grooming process, however we strongly believe if your pet behaves and is not wiggly and their coat is in good condition this reduce or eliminates the possibility of your pet being nicked or cut during the grooming process. We do our very best and allow extra time with wiggly, biting, matting and other issues that could cause a cut or nick to happen. If a nick or cut happens we apologize for any problems this may cause. Please brush and keep your pet on a regular grooming schedule to help minimize this from happening.

A general base line for grooming is as follows and can change at anytime without notice.

Small Breed Grooming starting at $50.00 and up

Medium Breed Grooming starting at $65.00 and up

Large Breed Grooming starting at $75.00 and up

Standard Poodles, Huskies, Malamutes, and any other Larger breed and double coated dogs please call the office and speak to us about costs. On some breeds of dogs it is hard to give an amount for a grooming over the phone or even in person. It does help us to see and get our hands on the dog and feel the coat condition, and discuss with you what type of cut you are wanting.

Cat Grooming

We currently DO NOT groom cats.

Attention Pet Owners

Please Read

    1. Any pet coming in with the signs of Fleas or visible Fleas will be given a Fleas bath and/or Capstar flea pills. This bath and/or flea pill will be added to your Boarding or Grooming Bill. This charge will start at $10.00 and go up depending on your dog’s size and flea infestation.

    2. If your dog comes in with matting, you will see a de-matting charge on your receipt along with the normal grooming charge. This charge will start at $10.00 and go up depending on how badly your dog is matted.

    3. If you would like to reduce the risk of seeing these extra charges please talk to us about setting up monthly or ever 6-8 week appointments.

Thank you for your understanding and letting us take care of your furry friends.