Grooming prices are based on your pets breed,  size, coat condition, and how they act during the grooming process. We can give you a general price however this is subject to change.
A general base line for grooming is as follows and can change at anytime without notice.
        Small Breed Grooming           starting at $40.00 and up 
        Medium Breed Grooming      starting at $55.00 and up 
        Large Breed Grooming           starting at $65.00 and up 
        Standard Poodles, Huskies, Malamutes, and any other Larger breed and double coated dogs please call the office and speak to us about costs. On some breeds of dogs it is hard to give an amount for a grooming over the phone or even in person. It does help us to see and get our hand on the dog and feel the coat condition, and what type of cut you are wanting.